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Cannabis Clubs Are Here To Stay In Barcelona, Spain
08/01/2024  Johnny Green, InternationalCBC
Barcelona Mayor Jaume Collboni and the Barcelona City Council are ramping up efforts to close down the city’s famed cannabis clubs, with the City Council recently launching a new inspection campaign.
Recruitment Timelines: Hiring Lead Times Across Europe
21/02/2024 Bjoern "Andy" Mannsfeld, M.D. & Wrick Macaya Papa
Understanding the hiring lead times in recruitment across various European countries is essential for both employers and job seekers.
Cannabis Recruitment – The High Cost of a Bad Hire in Europe’s Cannabis Industry
30/12/2023 Bjoern "Andy" Mannsfeld, M.D. & Wrick Macaya Papa
The fallout from a poor hiring decision can be not only financially burdensome but also detrimental to the overall profitability of a cannabis business.
Fabian Baumann: "Cannabis social clubs are for everyone"
18/12/2023 Wrick Macaya Papa, EUCannaJobs
In this in-depth EUCannaJobs interview with Fabian, we look at the present state of cannabis legalization in Germany and anticipate the much-anticipated milestones, such as when customers will be able to buy legal cannabis through social clubs.
Cannabis Recruitment - Hire in Europe’s Cannabis Industry with EUCannaJobs
29/11/2023 Bjoern "Andy" Mannsfeld, M.D. & Wrick Macaya Papa
EUCannaJobs provides a targeted strategy to ensure that your job listings effectively reach the appropriate individuals in their respective locations.
EUCannaJobs' Guidelines for a Successful Job Interview
25/08/2023 Wrick Macaya Papa, EUCannaJobs
Recognizing the importance of interviews in the employment process, we are pleased to present detailed interview guidelines. These guidelines are intended to provide you with helpful insights and ideas for a successful job interview.
Germany to Legalize Cannabis in April 2024
06/02/2024 Bjoern "Andy" Mannsfeld, M.D. & Wrick Macaya Papa
Germany is on the verge of becoming the third European Union member state to legalize cannabis for personal use, after Malta and Luxembourg.
SPD prevents cannabis resolution in Bundestag
04/12/2023 Hasso Suliak
The chairwoman of the Health Committee announced on Monday that the decriminalization of cannabis would be finally passed in the Bundestag in December. Nothing will come of it now. The SPD parliamentary group leadership is against it.
Germany’s Top Health Official Defends Marijuana Legalization Bill Against Critics Ahe
01/12/2023 Kyle Jaeger
As German lawmaker prepare to vote on a revised marijuana legalization bill next week, the country’s health minister defended the reform against critics in the legislature, while briefly outlining next steps for a commercial sales pilot program.
Cannabis Industry Jobs
01/12/2022 Bjoern "Andy" Mannsfeld, M.D.
The cannabis industry has the full range of jobs, just like any other industry, from entry-level to highly educated, from low-tech to high-tech, and from plant-touching to non-plant-touching.
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