04/12/2023  Hasso Suliak

The chairwoman of the Health Committee announced on Monday that the decriminalization of cannabis would be finally passed in the Bundestag in December. Nothing will come of it now. The SPD parliamentary group leadership is against it.


The news spread like wildfire on the internet: The health politician Dirk Heidenblut MdB, who is responsible for the issue of cannabis in the SPD parliamentary group, announced over the weekend via social media that the final reading of the Cannabis Act (CanG), which was actually planned for the last week of the year, was taking place. does not come about. The reason: The leadership of his SPD parliamentary group expressed concerns about the set-up. The avowed legalization friend explained in a video that he could not understand this, but the implementation would now be postponed until next year. Heidenblut did not want to reveal any further details. 

The short-term veto of the SPD parliamentary group against the final resolution surprised not only the so-called cannabis community, but also the coalition partners. This is how the chairwoman of the Bundestag Health Committee, Dr. Kirsten Kappert-Gonther (Alliance 90/The Greens) disappointed: "It is extremely unfortunate that cannabis is not on the agenda so far. It would have been possible," wrote the MP on X (formerly Twitter).  


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