13/05/2024  Wrick Macaya Papa, EUCannaJobs

Should you follow up with the employer/hiring manager or wait for a response after a job interview? 

While the option to follow up may appear simple, there are several factors to consider before taking action. Let's look at the advantages of following up after an interview:

Demonstrates Commitment and Professionalism

A well-crafted follow-up email following your interview reinforces your qualifications. It also demonstrates your continued enthusiasm for the role and positions you as a proactive and professional candidate who takes initiative.

Makes You a Repeat Reader

Standing out in today's crowded job market requires staying on top of the hiring manager's mind. A strategic follow-up email can make the hiring manager revisit your resume/profile and jog their recollection of your skills.

Shows Respect for the Hiring Process

A courteous and professional follow-up email showcases your respect for both the hiring process and the interviewer's valuable time. It shines a positive light on your character and work ethic, leaving a lasting impression that embodies professionalism.

Keeps the Conversation Flowing

A well-timed follow-up email enables you to strategically address any outstanding questions. This not only keeps the conversation open, but it also demonstrates your genuine interest in the role's specifics and the company's culture, placing you as a highly engaged candidate.

Should you send multiple emails and when should you refrain from following up?

To stay engaged in the process without appearing overly assertive, consider sending follow-up emails after your initial thank-you email. Inquire about the timeline for updates on the next steps or final decisions. Only send additional emails after the deadline if requested by the organization. Following the interviewer's specified timeframe is crucial to avoid being perceived as impatient.

Following up after an interview can be a strategic action that differentiates you from other candidates and increases your chances of getting the job. By approaching the follow-up process with professionalism, tact, and genuine enthusiasm, you can make a lasting impression and possibly land the job of your dreams.