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Pioneering Cannabis Industry Jobs in Europe


The Raise

EUCannaJobs is currently undertaking its inaugural fundraising effort, known as the seed round. This initiative aims to bolster our staffing and marketing capabilities, enabling us to attract a larger pool of candidates and companies to our platform. The infusion of additional talent will also empower us to expand the range of services we offer.


Current Status

EUCannaJobs proudly holds the position of being the largest cannabis jobs platform in Europe, achieving top organic rankings on Google search results. With an expanding client base comprising dozens of companies and strong alliances with over two dozen media partners, our platform witnesses a month-on-month surge in candidate visits.



In the swiftly growing European cannabis industry, intensified by the impending wave of adult-use legalization, companies face fierce competition for limited candidates across all sectors. Compounded by advertising restrictions on most platforms, candidates struggle to navigate through the overwhelming volume of non-cannabis job listings on general platforms.


Solution and Revenue Model

EUCannaJobs addresses these challenges by offering a consolidated platform where companies can post jobs, and candidates can discover businesses, access industry news, and search for cannabis-related opportunities across Europe. Our primary revenue stream is derived from pay-per-job-post fees, supplemented by additional fee-for-service offerings like direct recruiting and premium placement of companies and jobs. Advertising opportunities are also available on our platform.


Market and Advantage

As the European market gears up to become the largest legal market globally upon adult-use legalization, EUCannaJobs stands at the forefront. The current medical market is valued at approximately $5 billion, with estimates soaring to over $50 billion by 2027, contingent on the progression of legalization. Our early entry into the market and the current dominance in Google searches position us advantageously. By building on this success, we aim to maintain a leading position against potential later competitors.


Join Us!

If you are seeking investment opportunities in the fastest-growing industry in Europe, reach out to us at Let's initiate a conversation, and we'll be delighted to provide you with more detailed information. Invest in the future of the European cannabis industry with EUCannaJobs!