05/02/2024  Johnny Green

Germany’s governing coalition has reportedly reached an agreement and settled internal disputes about the nation’s current adult-use cannabis legalization measure. The first provisions of the measure, which pertain to personal freedoms, are expected to come into law on April 1, 2024. Below are major items that consumers and patients should know about.


The main initial way for adults to legally source cannabis in Germany once the new law takes effect is to cultivate it in their homes. Adults will be able to cultivate up to three plants in private for personal use according to the proposed measure. Personal cannabis cultivation is popular in other jurisdictions where it is permitted, including in jurisdictions where consumers have other options from which to legally source their cannabis like storefronts.

It’s virtually guaranteed that many adult consumers in Germany will choose to cultivate their cannabis, and that will, in turn, create massive opportunities overnight for companies that specialize in cultivation-related products and services such as seeds, grow lights, plant nutrients, harvesting equipment, odor control, and drying equipment.


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