We Are Green


Welcome to We Are Green Productions, where innovation meets purity in the world of hemp-based products. We specialize in producing and delivering premium, hemp solutions that redefine quality. Our commitment to sustainability, cutting-edge technology, and customizable formulations sets us apart. Whether you’re seeking cold-pressed bulk hemp products, HempCAP™ innovations, cannabinoid-infused cosmetics or custom productions, we are your trusted production partner.

We continually strive for our products to be pure and of the highest quality by employing the cleanest solvent-less production methods and cater to the global demand for purity.

All our oils are cold-pressed, ensuring higher bioavailability oil with all nutrients, natural fats, vitamins and Phyto cannabinoids left intact.

There are no chemicals, solvents, gasses, or any other additives used in the process, therefore, oil in this form contains no preservatives. Cold pressing oil is the most natural and environmentally friendly ways of pressing biomass possible. We can proudly claim that We Are Green’s hemp oils are 100% natural, containing full spectrum of naturally occurring cannabinoids and terpenes.

The We Are Green Team is motivated to work with companies seeking innovation, whether it be on the product quality, product efficiency, formulation or functionality.

Our capacity range is large, and we are able to manage both small and large contracts; customising all major aspects of new products to hit the desired composition, structure and concentration, while never compromising the quality.

All We Are Green products are supported by in-house and 3rd party lab tests, before dispatch, which shows our commitment to customer service and product quality. We also work with client formulas for integration of our patented process.

We Are Green is also the home of HempCAP™— very versatile, water-soluble, cannabinoid rich hemp powder.

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