19/05/2024  Maria Atanasova

“It is time for the legalization of the production, processing and use of marijuana,” said Vasil Bozhkov.

National movement CENTER, with which Vasil Bozhkov appeared in the elections as the leader of the lists in 25 MIR Sofia and Pazardzhik and first in the lists for the Eurovote, has a program for the decriminalization and legalization of hemp in Bulgaria.

“It is high time to stop the racket against the manufacturers. "Young people cannot be imprisoned for one joint cigarette, a plant that has proven its medicinal properties cannot be banned," said the businessman.

As early as 2021, Vasil Bozhkov has been talking about the legalization of marijuana not only for medical, but also for personal use, in order to stop the hidden market, punishments for young people and to develop the economic potential of the production of industrial hemp.


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