01/01/2024  Daniel Sánchez Caballero

Health is going to resume the regulation of medicinal cannabis. Sources from the ministry headed by Mónica García have confirmed to elDiario.es that they intend to re-promote the creation of a medical program starting in mid-January. At the end of the last legislature, Congress approved a document that urged the Government to regulate the medicinal use of cannabis, but the previous ministerial team ended up letting the initiative die, which completely declined with the advance of the elections .

Now, the minister is going to reopen the melon. Spain is one of the few large European countries that does not have a regulated medicinal program, despite the fact that it has great social support ( 84% were in favor of this use the last time the CIS asked ) and a majority in Congress similar to that of Spain. that exists now already endorsed its creation a year ago in a subcommittee in which only PP and Vox voted against. The current distribution of seats, the Government calculates, is favorable to this regulation.

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