10/04/2024  Ben Adlin

The Legal Marijuana Industry Now Supports More Than 440,000 Full-Time Jobs, Up 5% From Last Year, Report Finds

The number of full-time marijuana jobs in the U.S. rose by nearly 5 percent during the past year, according to the latest annual industry report on employment in the cannabis sector. That’s a turnaround from the roughly 2 percent decline between 2022 and 2023, but otherwise it marks the slowest year-over-year growth going back to 2017.

All told, legal cannabis in the nation supports more than 440,000 full-time equivalent jobs, says the new report from Colorado-based marijuana staffing company Vangst and the analytics firm Whitney Economics.

Despite the overall rise in cannabis-related jobs, the report notes that the year’s job growth “wasn’t spread evenly” across the country. “Now more than ever,” it says, “America’s cannabis industry is a state-by-state, region-by-region job market.”


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