27/03/2024  BEN STEVENS

Swiss Citizens With Access to Legal Adult-Use Cannabis Soon To Top 15,000, As Innaugural Trial Publishes Interim Results

As the dust settles from last week’s milestone vote in Germany, which is set to bring adult-use cannabis decriminalisation to the European Union’s most populous country, its neighbour Switzerland has announced a flurry of updates regarding its own cannabis project.

Switzerland’s adult-use cannabis pilot project, which Germany’s upcoming Pillar 2 will closely model, has now been running for more than a year, and initial results from its seven authorised studies are now beginning to emerge.

The Department of Health for Basel-Stadt, which launched Switzerland’s first pilot trial in January 2023, has published the interim results for its landmark study, which became the first study of its kind to be launched in Europe back in January 2023, paving the way for half a dozen more adult-use pilot trials to follow suit over the subsequent year.


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