Federal Finance Minister Christian Lindner has rejected the fears of many state justice and interior authorities that the partial legalization of cannabis could lead to chaos. In the report from Berlin, the FDP leader spoke of a responsible law that would improve health prevention and combat the black market. 

"The focus, at least for me, is not on the right to be intoxicated. It's about overcoming an unsatisfactory situation like we currently have - namely that millions of people consume cannabis on the black market and without any health education." said Lindner . The drug needs to be used responsibly. "We can't leave everything in a black or gray area. And that's why this regulation is responsible."  


Saxony-Anhalt's Prime Minister Reiner Haseloff said in the broadcast that he assumes that the law will be changed again. It will certainly be on the agenda again in the Federal Council in the next few months, said the CDU politician. "Simply because reality forces us to."


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