09/02/2024  Marko Schlichting

In two weeks the Bundestag will vote on the legalization of cannabis. At Lanz, Health Minister Lauterbach explains what he expects from legalizing the drug. Other guests are skeptical.

Bag, joint or bubatz: If the traffic light coalition has its way, stoners will soon no longer have to have a bad feeling when they consume cannabis in public. The federal government wants to legalize the drug. The Bundestag is scheduled to vote on it in two weeks. But not all traffic light politicians agree with legalization.

For example, there is Sebastian Fiedler, ex-criminal officer and now SPD domestic politician. He says: "I will vote no." In Spiegel he explains: "I cannot agree to a law that leads to the decriminalization of dealers and pointless extra work for the police." Organized crime is laughing up its sleeve, said the politician.


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