21/02/2024  Kyle Jaeger

Key German Committee Approves Marijuana Legalization Bill Ahead Of Floor Vote, But Questions Emerge On Implementation Timeline

A key committee in Germany’s Bundestag has approved a bill to legalize marijuana, setting the stage for floor consideration and final votes on Friday. But there are new questions about whether the law will actually take effect in April as planned.

The Health Committee, a central body of jurisdiction for the proposal, passed the legislation on Wednesday. It’s one of at least eight parliamentary panels that are set consider the bill on the same day before it advances to the floor.

The debate in the Health Committee apparently proved contentious. But in the end, members approved the measure with a series of previously agreed-upon changes.

“The next hurdle has been overcome!” Green MP Kirsten Kappert-Gonther, who chairs the committee but passed on the responsibility to oversee Wednesday’s meeting to a member of another party because she’s a main advocate of the bill, said.


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