The day has come: adult-use cannabis is now officially legal in Germany since yesterday. Around 1500 people celebrated the new freedom at the Brandenburg Gate from midnight onward. They were ringing in the partial start of Pillar 1 of the German legalization plan: adults over 18 are now allowed to possess up to 25 grams of cannabis for personal use, with the option to cultivate up to three plants at home. Smoking cannabis in many public spaces has now also become legal.

"Cannabis use was already around yesterday, but it's increasing," wrote Health Minister Karl Lauterbach on X yesterday. "Now it is coming out of the taboo zone. This is better for real addiction help, prevention for children and young people, and for combating the black market, for which there will soon be an alternative."

Patient access
For Canopy Medical, the classification of cannabis as a non-narcotic is expected to prompt more patients to proactively engage with their physicians regarding medical cannabis, immediately paving the way for increased access, education, and awareness. "The re-classification of cannabis as a non-narcotic is a game-changer for patients and physicians who will be empowered to better explore cannabis as a viable treatment option for an expanded range of condition," said Tara Rozalowsky, Chief Growth Officer & President, International, Canopy Growth. "We are thrilled to be able to continue serving the medical community by delivering high-quality cannabis products that meet patient needs, and we look forward to increasing our already leading presence in the German medical cannabis market."


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