29/02/2024  Adam Higgins

GREEN LIGHT?  Major new cannabis law shake-up plans to be debated in Dail ahead of vote with ‘impossible to oppose’ prediction made

PEOPLE who are caught with less than seven grams of cannabis will not be prosecuted, under new laws to be debated in the Dail this week.

On Wednesday, the Dail will debate People Before Profit TD Gino Kenny’s Bill which seeks to decriminalise a small amount of cannabis for personal use.

The Bill will not fully legalise cannabis.

Instead, it will enable a person who is over 18 years old to carry up to seven grams of cannabis or 2.5 grams of cannabis resin for their own personal use.

Wednesday’s session will be the first time that cannabis legislation will be debated in the Dail in over a decade following Luke Ming Flanagan’s 2013 attempt to legalise cannabis.

At that time, the Dail overwhelming voted to shoot down the attempt to fully legalise the drug.

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