12/01/2024  Laura Ramos

Like Portugal, Greek patients also face difficulties in accessing treatments with medicinal cannabis and its derivatives. The fact that, over the last two years, patients in Greece have not had access to medicinal cannabis preparations, forcing them to resort to illegal channels for their supply, has now been brought to the attention of the European Commission (EC) by MEP Stelios Kouloglou.

Explaining that this situation is the result of Greek government regulations, which violate the fundamental principle of the free movement of goods and create conditions of unfair competition in the single market, the MEP asked the EC to clarify how it intends to address the issue. Kouloglou specifically asked about how the Commission intends to regulate the matter within the scope of a European legislative framework, which discourages the illegal market and which results in regulated quality, accurate labeling and which guarantees legal and safe access to patients.


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