15/01/2024  Antonio João Costa

Germany: Legalization may only happen in 2024, with postponement of the vote in the Bundestag


Advances in legislation to regulate cannabis in Germany have suffered yet another delay. According to MarijuanaMoment, The vote on the document, scheduled for November 16th, should only take place in December.

Cannabis legislation in Germany will certainly not be completed in 2023. This is because legislators decided to postpone a vote on the document, which was originally scheduled for next week. The decision was announced by Carmen Wegge in a social media post on Friday, where the parliamentarian indicates that the proposed national reform may not come into force before the beginning of 2024.

The bill was scheduled for final reading next Thursday (16 November) in the Bundestag, Germany's national parliament, but will now only be discussed in December, according to the forecast of Bundestag parliamentarian Kirsten Kapert-Gonther.


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