02/02/2024  BEN STEVENS

German Government Settles Disputes Over CanG Bill, Malta’s First CHRA Starts Selling Adult-Use Cannabis, & Israel Launches Investigation Into Canadian Imports

Germany’s CanG bill looks to be back on track 

Germany’s landmark CanG bill is now expected to pass through the Federal Parliament (Bundestag) this month, putting it back on track to come into effect by April 1.

Last month Business of Cannabis reported that growing fractures within the Social Democrat Party (SPD), the largest member of the country’s traffic light coalition, threatened to derail the already delayed cannabis project.

While the SPD announced in late November 2023 that the coalition had now ‘agreed on the cannabis law’, and that the second and final readings were set to take place in ‘mid-December’, the bill was removed from the ballot at the last minute due to growing dissent within the SPD.

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