13/02/2024  BEN STEVENS

The European Commission (EC) last week partially approved a new ‘European Citizens Initiative’ focused on cannabis reform, in a move marking an increasing acknowledgment of the changing landscape in regards to cannabis regulation across the European Union (EU).

This was emphasised by a recent report from the European Monitoring Centre for Drugs and Drug Addiction (EMCDDA), which laid out its intentions to not only increase its capacity for monitoring developments in cannabis regulation across member states, but take a more active role in providing policymakers with information on cannabis reform.

Acknowledging the trend of ‘countries increasingly exploring alternatives for prohibition’, the EMCDDA said: “This means that questions on what constitutes an appropriate policy response to cannabis have become both topical and important.”

What happened?

Last week the EC voted to register two of the three proposals put forward by a European Citizens Initiative (ECI), dubbed the European Cannabis Initiative.


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