DHV asks traffic lights, Greens and FDP answer



Due to the postponement of the CanG from the Bundestag agenda and the ongoing debates in the SPD parliamentary group, we asked all traffic light factions about the status of things. The Greens and FDP responded, the SPD parliamentary group did not.

We document the specific, detailed question at the end of this article. Both groups have each provided a general statement on this.

The Green Party's spokesperson for cannabis policy and chairwoman of the Health Committee, Kirsten Kappert-Gonther, responded as follows in consultation with Irene Mihalic, First Parliamentary Managing Director of the group:

“In a joint press release on November 27th, 2023, the traffic light factions announced that they had “agreed in the negotiations on a paradigm shift in cannabis policy”. (https://www.gruene-bundestag.de/presse/pressemitigungen/ampel-ein-sich-auf-cannabis-gesetz). The subsequent reporting was accurate and the agreement stands. The substantive negotiations have been completed. Since then, no other negotiations, including at a higher level, have taken place between the traffic light factions. The changes must now be decided by the Health Committee and the law must be passed in an amended version by the Bundestag. This can take place within one week of the meeting. We Greens are striving for a timely adoption.”

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