14/03/2024  Hasso Suliak

The federal government is considering how a mediation process can be avoided under the Cannabis Act. The BMJ has now suggested that the federal states should be more accommodating when it comes to the entry into force of the controversial law.


As LTO has already reported, the state judicial administrations are dreading the Cannabis Act (CanG) coming into force on April 1st. In principle, all 16 state justice departments are calling for a later start date.

The main reason for this is a controversial amnesty regulation in the CanG for cases that would be legal in the future and in which sentences that have not yet been enforced would have to be remitted accordingly. We are talking about more than 100,000 files that would have to be checked - manually, because digitalization in the judiciary is not that advanced. The federal states say that this cannot be achieved in such a short time.

SPD-CanG negotiator Carmen Wegge MdB rejected the states' allegations in the LTO interview on Thursday. “Only a fraction of the files involving convictions under the Narcotics Act concern cannabis offenses, which we will exempt from punishment in the future,” says Wegge.


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