15/01/2024  Aurélien BERNARD

The Barcelona City Council, led by Jaume Collboni, is seriously considering the closure of all Cannabis Clubs. These establishments, which have flourished over the past decade , have become the main avenue of access to cannabis in the city.


The recent change in position of the Council, which has been quite protective until now, has triggered a series of inspections and raised the concern of Club administrators and activists who have long defended the unique model of Barcelona's Cannabis Clubs.

Legal uncertainty and political change

City Council's new determination to close cannabis social clubs marks a significant shift from its previous stance of tolerance and defense of regulation. Albert Batlle, third deputy mayor and security advisor, recently declared the Council's intention to "put an end" to these clubs, emphasizing the need for a meticulous approach "with legal certainty, with rigor and without friction caused by haste.”


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