22/05/2024  Door Editorial

37 interested cultivation associations in German Rhineland-Palatinate, apply for permits on July 1

From July 1, cannabis cultivation associations in Rhineland-Palatinate can apply for a permit at the Landesamt für Soziales, Jugend und Versorgung (LSJV) in Mainz. This news was announced to the Deutsche Presse-Agentur by the Rhineland-Palatinate Ministry of Social Affairs . To date, 37 expressions of interest have already been submitted.

Required registration and control

Before an association can submit an application, it must first be registered in the association register.

After registration and approval, the cultivation associations will be inspected annually by the LSJV. In addition to these regular checks, checks are also carried out based on specific reasons.

The ministry has indicated that an appropriate regulation is currently being prepared to regulate these checks.

Entry into force of the federal cannabis law

With the entry into force of the first major part of the federal cannabis law on April 1 , the possession and home cultivation of limited amounts of cannabis for adults is now legal.

This new legal framework also paved the way for the start of cannabis cultivation associations on July 1.

The LSJV has three months to assess applications once they have been fully submitted.


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