Worried about attending an event with medical cannabis?

March 28, 2023 from leafie

Despite over four years of legalisation, topics around medical cannabis remain shrouded in doubt and even stigma in the UK. Having often come through extremely difficult circumstances just to access their medicines, many patients are still uncertain about their rights – and the uncertainties don’t end with the patient. In a country where a significant proportion of the population – including almost a third of police officers – remain unaware of the legality of medical cannabis, fear of judgement and even prosecution is still rife.

At leafie, we hear many stories from patients who have been questioned by police for using or even simply carrying their medication with them. In such a climate, it can be easy for medical cannabis patients to question when and where it is “okay” to take their medication. Understandably, then, many patients are left wondering: can I take my medical cannabis to an event?

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