What Strains of Cannabis Have Pinene?

Novemerb14, 2022 from Terpenes and Testing Magazine

Pinene is the most common terpene found in nature.[1] With evidence suggesting it may counter several of the negative effects of cannabis consumption, alongside it’s ability to boost focus and energy, many users are hunting for strains that contain some amount of pinene.[2] Looking out for these strains may help you find one that helps you achieve the perfect mood.

Balancing CBD and THC with Pinene In order to achieve the Entourage Effect, finding a balance between THC, CBD and terpenes (among then alpha pinene) is critical.[3] The hypothesis here states that it takes more than THC to achieve cannabis’ full psychoactive effect. Some examples of strains that achieve this balance between THC and CBD with pinene are Crescendo, Gelato, and Orange Cream.

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