These Sectors Of Germany’s Cannabis Industry Will Thrive Under Phase 1 Of Legalization

April 17, 2023 from ICBC

Germany’s long-awaited legalization plan was announced earlier this month, with multiple federal ministers participating in a widely viewed press conference.

“In a first step, cultivation in non-profit associations and private cultivation should be made possible nationwide.” Government officials stated in a press release after the historic press conference.

According to details offered up during the press conference, Germany will institute a possession limit of up to 25 grams of cannabis and a cultivation limit of a maximum of three plants as part of the first phase of national legalization. The legal age will be set at 18.

The other key component of the legalization plan’s first phase, which will serve as the foundation for adult-use cannabis access for many consumers in Germany, will be noncommercial associations or clubs. Membership will be capped at 500 consumers per club.

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