The Top Ten Reasons That the German Cannabis Market Is Challenging

January 12, 2023 from Cannabis101

There are many reasons that cannabis cultivators and producers globally target Deutschland, but there are also multiple challenges facing those who brave these waters. Here is a brief list

The German cannabis market is one of the most interesting in the world, both for its own peccadillos and by definition, its global nature.

It starts with this twist. Because of the cultivation bid launched by the government in 2017, the current German bid holders (Tilray/Aphria, Aurora, and DEMECAN) are only allowed to produce a highly limited amount of cannabis domestically. While this makes sense from a German governmental perspective – namely it is impossible that any of the cultivators would not sell all that they successfully grow – it has created a medical market as a result – and by definition – depends on imports globally.

Here are the top ten reasons that broaching this market is so challenging for those who accept the challenge.

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