The decriminalization of cannabis in Germany from 1 May?

March 24, 2023 from NewsWeed

In the coming days, the German federal government is expected to unveil the direction it intends to take towards legalization. But before that, the German Federal Constitutional Court announced that it would make a decision on the constitutional situation of the cannabis ban. Could everything go very fast?

Cannabis outside BtMG

As reported by the German magazine Highway, a source close to the government and trustworthy assures that a decriminalization of cannabis should take place initially and cannabis or the whole plant should be removed from the law on narcotics (BtMG).

Each German citizen would thus be free to grow a small number of plants within its four walls and to transport a certain amount of cannabis without risk. The implementation of the amendment of the law should also take place as early as May 1, according to the source.

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