Study says that regular use of cannabis by young adults revealed improvements in cognitive functionality and decreased use of medications

Published 2 days ago em September 18, 2023

By João Xabregas

In innovative research focusing on adolescents and young adults susceptible to developing psychotic disorders, a recent study conducted in collaboration by three North American universities, refutes the statements that are usually made by critics who link the use of recreational cannabis with the appearance of psychosis. The researchers concluded that regular cannabis use over a two-year period did not lead to the early onset of symptoms associated with mental illness. On the contrary, the study highlights that this consumption is associated with improvements in cognitive functionality and a decrease in the use of medications.

Conducted in collaboration by experts from Zucker Hillside Hospital, from Stanford University School of Medicine, from University of Michigan and University of California at Davis, this comprehensive research effort was documented in the journal Psychiatry Research. The researchers state that “recreational cannabis use has become a topic of great interest as a natural catalyst for the onset of psychosis. However, evidence supporting the negative consequences of cannabis for individuals at clinical high risk (CHR) for psychosis remains inconclusive.”

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