August 24, 2022 Cannabis-based preparations with different THC:CBD ratios will be made in pharmacies for individual patients.

Medical cannabis activists and patients in Spain had reason to celebrate after the Spanish government’s decision in June to legalize access to medicinal cannabis for a number of health conditions through the country’s public health system.

Although Spanish scientists for several years have been at the forefront of ground-breaking cannabinoid research on cancer and neurological diseases, getting a prescription for standardized and regulated medicinal cannabis products from a doctor was not on the table in Spain, as the cannabis plant’s therapeutic use had not been legally recognised.

Until now patients have found themselves in a rather grey legal hinterland. Some were able to access cannabis from the plethora of clubs dotted around the country. Or, if so inclined, they could risk growing their own cannabis plants (as long as they weren’t visible to the public).

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