Spain: Congress debates the law to regulate the recreational and therapeutic use of cannabis

February 18 2023 from InfoSalus

MADRID, Feb. 18 (EUROPA PRESS) – The Plenary of the Congress of Deputies will debate on Tuesday the Esquerra Republicana (ERC) Law Proposal to regulate cannabis in an “integral” way, that is, both its therapeutic and recreational use.

One of the objectives of the Law, which ERC presented at a press conference in September 2021, is to “decriminalize” cannabis and consider it a medicine that can be accessed with a prescription. Congress debates on Tuesday the ERC law to regulate the recreational and therapeutic use of cannabis

In this way, the consumption of marijuana would be legalized in places where tobacco smoking is allowed. This would include the possibility of consuming cannabis in outdoor spaces and on private property. The proposal specifies, however, that cannabis that is only grown at home or via non-profit cannabis associations could be accessed. Thus, it establishes that each citizen could have a maximum of six plants at home and produce a maximum of 480 grams per year.

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