Several amendments tabled to include medical cannabis in the 2024 PLFSS

Published 3 days ago THE october 16, 2023

By Aurélien BERNARD

As we revealed to you in two stages last week, several amendments were finally tabled (PDF) to try to include medical cannabis through the back door in the Social Security Financing Bill (PLFSS) for the year 2024. With the same goal: to generalize medical cannabis in France for all potential patients.

A first amendment is brought by a Renaissance MP, Caroline Janvier , previously rapporteur for the Information Mission on the uses of cannabis. It proposes adding an “ad hoc” status around medical cannabis, namely “any medicine derived from cannabis, its plant and its resin, products which contain it or those which are obtained from cannabis, its plant or its resin. resin produced according to good cultivation practices and good manufacturing practices for medical use in accordance with the provisions relating to medicinal plants […]”.

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