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UK's New Prime Minister Not a Fan of Cannabis Legalization

September 8, 2022 Cannabis reform is one of the most popular political issues on earth right now, particularly in North America and Europe. At a time when it seems like people rarely agree on anything, cannabis is one area of public policy where support is strong and cuts across party lines. Unfortunately, that support does not appear to extend to the office of the United Kingdom’s Prime Minister, with the UK announcing this week that it is officially blocking a cannabis reform measure that was previously passed by lawmakers in Bermuda earlier this year.

Liz Truss took over as Prime Minister in the United Kingdom this week, and shortly after taking office her government announced the official blockage of the cannabis reform measure in Bermuda. Cannabis policy observers around the globe were hopeful that upon taking office that Truss would pursue a new era for cannabis policy in the UK, however, being that she is blocking cannabis reform elsewhere it’s very clear where she stands when it comes to cannabis policy.

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