Portugal prepares to legalize adult use of cannabis

September 19, 2023 by Laura Ramos, CannaReporter

There are significant changes in the political discourse regarding the legalization of cannabis in Portugal. In the opening session of today’s debate in the Assembly of the Republic (AR), promoted by Citizen Initiative for the Responsible Regulation of Cannabis for Adults, all participants agreed, in their speeches, that the regulation of adult use – and not prohibitionism – is the way forward, with an eye on the experiences of other countries.

After the Socialist Party (PS), which currently holds a majority in the Portuguese government, announced last week the creation of a new working group to discuss the legalization of the personal use of cannabis, the conference that is taking place today in the Assembly of the Portuguese Republic, dedicated to the theme “Exposure to Cannabis in Adolescence and Health”, appears to bring together consensus from various quarters and political parties to move forward with the regulation of personal use of cannabis.

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