Portugal: Liberal Initiative submits bill to Parliament to legalize adult use of cannabis

April 20, 2023 from CannaReporter

The deputies of the political party Iniciativa Liberal marked April 20 (4:20) 2023 with the submission of a bill in the Assembly of the Republic that proposes the legalization of cannabis for recreational purposes in Portugal. The document proposes the creation of “a free, open and competitive market for goods and services based on non-medicinal cannabis” and provides for the possibility of self-cultivation. However, the calendar for the Plenary does not foresee the discussion of this diploma before June. The Bloco de Esquerda had already advanced to the Cannareporter that its bill should be submitted to Parliament in September.

“A Matter of Personal Liberty”. Thus begins the bill that IL submitted today to the Portuguese Parliament and which promises to bring cannabis back to the Assembly of the Republic, kicking off legalization and anticipating the Left Bloc. The bill brings up for discussion the legalization of the cultivation, transformation, distribution, commercialization, acquisition and possession for personal consumption, without medical prescription, of the plant, substances and preparations of cannabis.

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