Portugal: Documentary “Pacientes”, by Laura Ramos, selected for Boom Festival

July 16, 2023 by CannaReporter

The documentary “Pacientes”, which reports the reality of caregivers and patients who use cannabis for medicinal purposes in Portugal, will be presented at the Boom Festival, which takes place this week, from the 20th to the 27th of July, in Idanha-a-Nova. The film, directed by journalist Laura Ramos, was produced by Cannareporter and will be screened at the Paradigm Films cinema selection, in Liminal Village, Sunday, July 23rd, at 22:30. 

The starting point for the documentary was the patients who use cannabis for therapeutic purposes, even before the approval of the medical cannabis law in Portugal, in 2018. An excerpt was presented during a hearing at the Health Commission, in the Assembly of the Republic, when of the discussion for the legalization of medical cannabis in Portugal.

Through a series of interviews, the 36-minute film explores the seven different definitions of the word “Patient” according to the Priberam Dictionary of the Portuguese Language, to alert politicians and society to the daily struggle of those who resort to cannabis as a medicine. , in addition to raising awareness of the plant’s therapeutic potential, providing real and credible information.

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