Pharmacological window: Cannabis as an antibiotic

April 28, 2023 from Magazín Konopí

The great fear of the world today is resistant bacteria. There is a rapid increase in strains resistant to practically all known drugs, while the last antibiotic with a new mechanism of action was discovered in 1984. This substance, daptomycin, by the way, began to be used in practice only in 2002, when it finally passed all phases of lengthy clinical testing. Since then, we already know about several types of bacteria that have developed resistance to it.

Everything points to the fact that the nearly century-long period in which we as humanity managed to win relatively successfully over infections is coming to an end. Or not? Scientists are increasingly clinging to the hope that substances of plant origin could be the solution. And cannabis, known as the source of “a thousand and one molecules”, belongs to the most researched herbs in this regard.

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