Medical Cannabis Now ‘Really Important’ After Germany ‘Served Entree After Promising 7 Course Menu’ On Rec Market Says Cannovum Cannabis AG

May 16, 2023 by BEN STEVENS, Business of Cannabis

GERMAN medical cannabis operator Cannovum Cannabis AG announced on Friday that its Cultivation Alliance for Germany (Anbau-Allianz für Deutschland), first announced in February, had now seen its founders sign a contract for its establishment.

Though this alliance is squarely targeting products and services for Germany’s upcoming cannabis club operators, Cannovum says it now believes that ‘scalability and focus in the medical market is really important’.

Its CMO Klaus Madzia told Business of Cannabis: “It’s going to be a year, probably a year and a half, before substantial revenue is going to be generated through regulation of cannabis. So, that puts pressure and focus on the medicinal side.”

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