Legalization Delays Are Causing Confusion In Luxembourg

January 23, 2023 from ICBC

At one point in time, towards the end of the last decade, Luxembourg seemed to be a sure bet to become the first country in Europe to pass a national adult-use cannabis legalization measure. After all, a coalition agreement included the reform.

Unfortunately, time has proven that agreement’s legalization provision to be essentially worthless, as it’s now the year 2023 and Luxembourg doesn’t appear to be trending towards legalization any time soon. While other countries on the continent are moving in the right direction, particularly Germany, Luxembourg’s reform efforts seem to be frozen in time.

Being that the government previously touted its legalization plans to such a significant degree, delays in legalization actually happening is resulting in confusion among the nation’s citizens, and recently the nation’s Minister of Health expressed doubts that legalization would happen at all under the current legislature.

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