A lot of students did a successful internship at Botany. 

Botany offers upper secondary vocational education and higher professional education students the possibility of traineeships throughout the year. We offer higher professional education students the possibility of more specific research traineeships, for example in the field of plant diseases or cultivation technology. Upper secondary vocational education students may do a general research traineeship at our company.

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  1. Nakandalage Don Manoj Kawshala Author

    Hi i love cannabis and i would like to join with you all. And i like to work for your company. Please write me. Thanks.

    1. BjoernM

      Hello Don,

      Thank you for your interest. The best way is to create a profile and upload your resume. This makes you searchable by employers. Then you can also sign up for our newsletter at the bottom of our home page which keeps you informed about developments in the cannabis industry in Europe, hot new jobs and when new companies join our platform.

      I also recommend following us on Linked In since we post many industry articles, updates and new jobs on Linked In.

      You can also start searching through the jobs on our platform.

      I hope this helps get you started.

      Andy M.


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