Italy: Court rules in favor of using the whole hemp plant

February 15, 2023 from CannaReporter

The Regional Administrative Court of Lazio (TAR) in Italy annulled a decree on medicinal plants that limited hemp production to seeds and fibers. This decision authorizes the effective use of the entire hemp plant in Italy, bringing the country closer to European regulations.

The decision, which was brought by industry associations including Canapa Sativa Italia , Sardinia Cannabis , Resilienza Italia onlus and Federcanapa , stated that restrictions on the use of parts of the plant can only be justified by scientific data and that no distinction can be made between the parts of hemp plants that are grown freely.

Lawyer Giacomo Bulleri, who assisted the Rome-based firm Legance , told that “it is necessary, in cases like the one at issue, that the administration provides an adequate explanation of the overriding needs for protection and precaution health, providing the scientific data demonstrating the real existence of a risk arising from the cultivation of hemp plants in their entirety (i.e. seeds, seed derivatives, leaves and inflorescences from which the resin has been extracted)”.

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