Italian trade groups cheer court ruling that hemp is not a narcotic

February 20 2023 from HempToday

A regional court in Italy has upheld a lawsuit filed by four cannabis associations, overturning a decree issued one year ago that classified hemp as a narcotic in contravention of European law.

The Regional Administrative Tribunal of Lazio annulled the decree and ordered authorities to adjust it to get Italian law in line with the EU. The groups filed the lawsuit shortly after the decree was issued in January 2022.

“Today, we have definitive confirmation that without valid scientific evidence, it is not possible to impose limits on this agricultural sector,” according to a statement from the groups: Canapa Sativa Italia, Sardinia Cannabis, Federcanapa and Resilienza Italia. “THC-free hemp is not covered by international narcotics conventions and for this reason, its market and industrial and medicinal applications cannot be limited.”

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