Hemp Leaf Shrugs Off Novel Food Status In The EU

By Gillian Jalimnson June 7, 2023

In a landmark decision, EU Member States have consented to an update of the Novel Food Catalogue. Hemp leaves for herbal infusions are now considered a traditional food, and this change really matters.

In the EU, novel foods can’t be on the market, or used in foods until products have been authorised and included in the Union list of authorised novel foods. It’s a huge hurdle.

But following extensive deliberation, an update including a comprehensive list of additional hemp products under the “Cannabis sativa L.” entry that do not fall within the Novel Food regulation’s purview came into effect on June 2, 2023. Among the products are hemp leaves for aqueous infusions, e.g., teas. These are now permissible to be on the market, barring specific national-level decisions to the contrary.

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