Ireland’s First Cannabis Clinic Opens Four Years After Medical Program Launches

Shutterstock Despite the fact that Ireland legalized medicinal cannabis in June 2019, the country had yet to open a medical clinic centering the needs of prospective patients… until now. BY KEEGAN WILLIAMS NOVEMBER 6, 2023 While Medicann has only just launched, patients have been able to register their interest in obtaining medical cannabis through the clinic online since August of

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Surprise: As a result of legalization, the number of hospitalizations for mental health problems is decreasing

September 13, 2023 from Magazine Konopí According to data published in the journalHealth Economics,the legalization of cannabis has been linked to a decrease in the overall number of patients hospitalized for mental health. Alberto Ortega, an American researcher at Indiana University’s OʼNeill School of Public Health, tracked trends in mental health hospitalizations in ten US states that have legalized high-potency

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Ukraine’s President Says Legalizing Medical Marijuana Can Help People Impacted By ‘Trauma Of War’ With Russia

Published on June 28, 2023 The president of Ukraine is calling for the legalization of medical marijuana to help Ukrainians cope with trauma amid the ongoing war with Russia. In an address to the Ukrainian Parliament on Wednesday, President Volodymyr Zelensky said that “all the world’s best practices, all the most effective policies, all the solutions, no matter how difficult or

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Lithuania Creeps Ahead: Progress on Cannabis Decriminalization

1 June, 2023 – 11:44 By  Aurélien BERNARD The Seimas, the Lithuanian parliament, has just approved the national agenda for drug, tobacco and alcohol control, consumption prevention and harm reduction until 2035. The 12-year proposals includemeasures thatwould decriminalizethe possession, acquisition, storage, and transportation of small amounts of cannabis. According tothe Lithuanian dailyLRT, the Seimas did not support the initiative of a

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Hemp Leaf Shrugs Off Novel Food Status In The EU

By Gillian Jalimnson June 7, 2023 In a landmark decision, EU Member States have consented to an update of the Novel Food Catalogue. Hemp leaves for herbal infusions are now considered a traditional food, and this change really matters. In the EU, novel foods can’t be on the market, or used in foods until products have been authorised and included

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Spain’s Long Overdue Medical Cannabis Regulation Expected Imminently, Amsterdam Enforces Public Smoking Ban, & Lithuania Moves Towards Decriminalisation

BYBEN STEVENS MAY 31, 2023 IN BUSINESS OF CANNABIS EUROPE, REGULATION Spain’s 6-month overdue medical cannabis regulation expected imminently The Spanish Pain Society (SED) has ‘demanded’ that the government deliver on its promise to regulate medical cannabis during its XIX National Congress, according toDario Pharma. This comes amid new concerns that last weeks’ local and regional elections, which painted a worrying picture

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German Health Minister Sees Legalization’s Success In Canada Firsthand

June 5th, 2023 Arguably the most popular person in the international cannabis scene right now, for better or worse, is German Health Minister Karl Lauterbach. Minister Lauterbach made international headlines in October 2022 when he presented a plan to Germany’s federal cabinet and has served as a primary focus of international cannabis observers like myself ever since. For several months

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Czech Health Minister Casts Doubt On Ambitious Plans To Have Commercial Adult-Use Cannabis Market Ready To Be Rolled Out In 2024

BY BEN STEVENS JUNE 7, 2023 INADULT-USE,BUSINESS OF CANNABIS EUROPE THE Health Minister of the Czech Republic, Vlastimil Válek, has cast doubt on the country’s ambitious plans to have a legal commercial adult-use cannabis market approved and ready to be rolled out by 2024. Expressing his position to local media outletZdraveZpravy.czlast week, Mr Válek said he was waiting ‘for colleagues

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L’Europe ne considère pas les feuilles de Cannabis comme une Novel Food

Publié il y a 2 semaines  le 5 juin 2023 Par Business of Cannabis Trois ans après le début de sa demande pour que les feuilles de Cannabis soient considérées comme un aliment traditionnel, l’Association européenne du chanvre industriel (EIHA) vient de remporter ce qu’elle considère comme une grande victoire. La Commission européenne a confirmé qu’elle ne considérait pas les feuilles de la

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