Head Of Frankfurt Drug Department Calls For German Legalization

December 17, 2022 from ICBC

All eyes remain on Germany where the adult-use legalization effort continues. For those that may not be up to speed, back in October the framework for a long-awaited legalization measure was presented by Germany’s Commissioner on Narcotic Drugs at the Federal Ministry of Health Burkhard Blienert to the nation’s federal cabinet.

Since the formal presentation, Commissioner Blienert has spent time lobbying and educating the European Union in an effort to gain the body’s approval for Germany to proceed with the legalization plan. Blienert previously announced that he will be seeking ‘an expert opinion’ to help with the EU approval push.

In the meantime, the legalization effort is yielding public comments on both sides of the issue, with a notable voice expressing full support for the legalization plan. Artur Schroers, head of the Frankfurt Drug Department, recently participated in a civic interview and made it clear how he feels about the federal legalization plan.

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