Germany wants to legalize cannabis with self-cultivation of up to 3 plants and social clubs

April 12, 2023 from CannaReporter

Germany today presented the key points (Eckpunkte) of its proposal for the legalization of adult cannabis use in the country. The controlled supply of recreational cannabis to adults over 18 years of age should be based on a 2-pillar model: private and community domestic, non-commercial cultivation; and the regional model project, with commercial supply chains. Self-cultivation of up to 3 plants will be authorized and social clubs of up to 500 members will also be authorized, with the possibility of distributing clones and seeds to members. The limit for purchasing and transporting cannabis flowers is 25 grams per day and 50 grams per month. The THC limit has not yet been defined.

Based on the 2021 coalition agreement, the Federal Government presented the key points for the introduction of controlled sales of cannabis to adults for recreational purposes in licensed stores. According to the document released today by the German government, the objective is “to control quality, prevent the transmission of contaminated substances, guarantee the best possible protection for minors and the health of consumers and curb the illicit market”.

As explained in the key points, the federal government also examined and assessed the requirements of European and international law and made it clear in the document that the framework of international and European law must be taken into account when implementing the coalition project. In that context, the federal ministries involved in the cannabis project exchanged views with the European Union Commission in Brussels at the end of 2022 and, in line with technical responsibilities, incorporated their findings into ongoing work and federal government coordination.

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