From dream to nightmare: Marta experiences the difficulties of the hemp sector in Portugal

August 24, 2023 by Laura Ramos, CannaReporter

 hemp sector in Portugal. After investing her meager savings in creating his dream — having a regenerative and sustainable hemp-based fashion brand — reality turned into a nightmare of economic hardship. Still, Marta doesn’t give up. She launched a campaign to through crowdfunding, focused on resuming the growth of Sensihemp, an award-winning brand with international recognition.

“Deciding to do a crowfounding is to reaffirm my choice to believe in new economic models”, she told the Cannareporter.

Marta Vinhas says that “to be able to understand the choice of making a crowdfounding, you have to go back to the beginning”. Speaking to Cannareporter, she explained that Sensihemp came up with a mission: “to democratize and revive the tradition of hemp textiles in Portugal”.

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