Mary Jane Berlin

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Time Zone (UTC+01:00) Amsterdam, Berlin, Bern, Rome, Stockholm, Vienna
Saturday June 15, 2024
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Sunday June 16, 2024
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Berlin - a city known for its cultural diversity, vibrant art scene and open atmosphere - is home to an event that represents the heart of cannabis culture: The Mary Jane Berlin.

Since its inception in 2016, Mary Jane Berlin has established itself as Germany's oldest and most renowned cannabis expo. Year after year, enthusiasts, connoisseurs and the curious flock from all over the world to take part in this extraordinary event. Mary Jane Berlin has established itself as not only Germany’s oldest, but also Europe's largest exhibition space for cannabis products. With a large number of exhibitors and a wide range of products, the fair offers an impressive variety that will delight every visitor.

In addition, Mary Jane Berlin has also established itself as Europe's largest cannabis festival, attracting thousands of visitors each year to come together and celebrate the diverse culture surrounding cannabis.


Mary Jane Berlin is much more than just a cannabis expo. It's a place where innovation is celebrated, ideas are exchanged and inspiration is found. From the latest trends in the cannabis industry to political developments in industrial hemp - you'll find it all here. And what's special: All the well-known brands in the industry are represented here, giving visitors the opportunity to discover and experience the highest quality products first-hand.

From artful exhibitions to live speeches, the event offers a variety of experiences that will engage all your senses.

Experience the variety of flavors and textures of cannabis products, discover the creative display of art and design, or simply immerse yourself in the vibrant energy of the event.


One of the most notable features of Mary Jane Berlin is the atmosphere of community and sharing that greets every visitor. Here you can meet like-minded people, meet experts and engage in conversations that will broaden your perspective.

In addition to the exhibitions and presentations, the show offers a wealth of educational and developmental opportunities, including expert talks, workshops and panel discussions that allow visitors to expand their knowledge and develop their skills.

In 2024 you can listen to a variety of panels with topics around Germany’s industrial hemp law, medical Cannabis in Germany, Europe’s future markets und Cannabis culture. Speakers like Daniel Kruse (President EIHA), Dr. Knut Gastmeier (German Cannabis Physician) or Carmen Wegge (Social Democratic Party) share extensive industry knowledge.


Another highlight of Mary Jane Berlin are the performances by well-known artists from the cannabis culture rap scene. These unique performances contribute to the lively atmosphere of the festival and offer visitors the opportunity to experience the artists' music and messages live.

Mary Jane Berlin is more than just an event - it's a movement. A movement committed to education, acceptance and freedom. By attending this event, you are helping to break down the stigma around cannabis and create a world where people can speak openly about their experiences and access the resources they need.