Ecuador kicks off first collaborative hemp production for sustainability

February 23, 2023 from CannaReporter

Earlier this year, Ecuador’s government approved the country’s first hemp production under a partnership between Green and Growth SAS , Nobis Holding de Inversiones , one of Ecuador’s largest groups, and the Latin American Association of Industrial Hemp. (LAIHA) . The initiative aims to establish Ecuador as one of the economies joining the global commitment to the production of sustainable materials and resources, reports Hemp Today.

In an initial phase, companies will grow hemp in fields of 100 to 1,000 hectares with fields and processing expected to expand and investment to increase between 25 to 50 million dollars from 2025. cannabis flowers, which are then exported. However, the new initiative marks the first effort to develop the production of hemp fibers and seeds for high quality materials, such as technical fibers, bio-charcoal and other value-added products, both for export and for market dynamism. internal.

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