Czech Republic’s cannabis plans released: 5 gram daily limit and consumer database

April 13, 2023 from leafie

The Czech Republic has put forward a draft bill for a regulated cannabis market that would allow individuals to buy up to 5 grams of cannabis per day for recreational purposes. Under the plans, people who wish to use cannabis recreationally would need to register in a database, while growers and sellers would have to pay annual fees.

The proposed legal cannabis market could bring in around CZK 2 billion per year, according to anti-drug policy coordinator Jindřich Vobořil. The proposal is still in its draft form, but it is set to be debated in parliament this month, with implementation potentially starting next year.

The possession of small amounts of cannabis has been decriminalised in Czechia since 1 January 2010, but smoking it for recreational purposes remains technically illegal. However, cannabis has been legal and regulated for medicinal use in the country since 2013.

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